For the months of October, November, and December 2018 I am writing on humor and poetry over at Jacket2. Come visit!

poet librarians.jpg

Poet-Librarians in the Library of Babel is an anthology of essays written by poet-librarians edited by Sommer Browning and Shannon Tharp published in 2018 by Library Juice Press.

Everything But Sex is a collection of 20 comics published as broadsides by Low Frequency Press in 2017.

WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THIS DREAM I HAD is a book of prose dream poems published in 2016 with Reality Beach.

you're on my period.jpg

You're on My Period is a joke book published in 2016 with Counterpath.


Backup Singers is a collection of poetry published in 2015 with Birds, LLC.

presidents and other jokes.jpeg

The Presidents and Other Jokes is a collection of jokes published in 2013 by Scout Books/Future Tense. With illustrations by Casey Browning.


Either Way I'm Celebrating is a collection of poetry and comics published in 2011 with Birds, LLC.