September 7, 2018

The Unseen Festival | An Evening at GEORGIA


GEORGIA is thrilled to take part in the Unseen Festival curated by Jacob Barreras and sponsored by Counterpath. This focus of this year's festival is the resistant, the excluded, and the unacknowledged. It runs the entire month of September. Across seven venues. Showing 200 films from 45 countries. 50% of them created by women. 

GEORGIA is honored to host the following filmmakers in person: 

M. Dianela Torres, Kelly Sears, Monteith McCollum

The Forest is Offended, Stephanie Barber (USA, 2017, 3 min)
A Film Containing Trees, Jon Behrens (USA, 2018, 3 min)
Generation, Dan Browne (Canada, 2017, 2 min)
Prist, Eric Ko (USA, 2018, 5 min)
Uno No Es Tan Débil Como Para Sucumbir Ante Situaciones Así (One is Not as Weak…), M. Dianela Torres (Mexico, 2017, 5 min)
Equal Tense, Ieva Balode (Latvia, 2018, 8 min)
Not For Medical Use, Camila Moreiras (Spain, 2017, 4 min)
Applied Pressure, Kelly Sears (USA, 2018, 6 min)
The Event, Mo Flannery (Australia, 2017, 5 min)
In a Free Sound Field, Monteith McCollum (USA, 2017, 11 min)


  • Friday, September 7    |    7:30pm to 10pm    |    films at sundown in the backyard