April 27-29, 2018

Mari Crespin | This thing which I cannot hold

mari crespin this thing which i cannot hold.jpg

GEORGIA is thrilled to present Mari Crespin's immersive installation This thing which I cannot hold. This is GEORGIA's first show of the year. It will be exhibited for one weekend only. 

This thing which I cannot hold alludes to transcendent emotional experiences by presenting a harmonious duality between the hard and soft, pleasure and pain, beautiful and grotesque. The relationship between internal and external is examined through the space, where viewers are invited to sit and join an intimate conversation with two television sets, immersive sound, and uninterrupted eye contact. This piece simultaneously incites the viewer to face their own internal uncertainty and allows them to witness the artist’s struggle in this universal dance.

Mari Crespin is an experimental video, performance, and installation artist currently living in Denver and pursuing a BFA at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, and operating as this year’s 40West District Artist in Residence. She has been exhibited in numerous shows on the RMCAD campus, as well as performed around Denver with the New Genres Collective. Mari is looking forward to showing with an all-female collective at ReCreative Denver and performing in the CURRENTS New Media Festival in Santa Fe this summer. Mari’s creative work transfers the sensibility of painting to immersive installation works which often incorporate performance elements. She explores the surreal psychology of emotions and memory, and questions identity through colorful, dynamic spaces and time-based experiences. Her work confronts strong systems of duality in a sensitive and poignant way.

The opening reception on Friday, April 27, will feature the films of Erin Espelie

Erin Espelie is a filmmaker, writer, and editor, living and working in Boulder County’s Four Mile Canyon and New York City. Her writing and filmmaking investigate current scientific research related to the Anthropocene, issues in environmental history, questions of epistemology, and our expectations of the moving image. Espelie’s films have shown at the New York Film Festival, the British Film Institute, the Natural History Museum of London, the Full Frame Documentary Festival, and more. She has a joint appointment at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Film Studies Program and the Department of Critical Media Practices.


  • Friday, April 27    Opening reception     7pm to midnight      Films at 8pm
  • Saturday, April 28      1-5pm
  • Sunday, April 29        1-5pm