September 8, 9, 10 2017

future bodies exhibit.jpg

GEORGIA's first exhibition: FUTURE BODIES, is a collection of Joshua Ware’s large-scale collages. Ware’s collages combine absurd imagery indebted to Dada and Surrealism with color-field backgrounds that take cues from Bauhaus and De Stijl. By merging disparate artistic lineages, the works produce l'art du bricolage that promotes a pragmatic and inclusive approach to the creative process.

Opening reception featuring: 
Path of Totality (Oren Silverman, Phil Cordelli, and Eric Baus) 
Visuals by Jeanne Liotta

FUTURE BODIES will be on view
9/8 Friday 6-11PM Opening Reception
9/9 Saturday 12-6PM
9/10 Sunday 11AM-4PM Artist Run Spaces Panel

Occurring simultaneously over the same weekend, Counterpath will create an exact replica of the garage before its conversion. The contents of the garage (boxes of books, broken air conditioners, cobwebbed exercise equipment, a car) will be installed at Counterpath, an already functioning gallery space which itself was formerly a garage..