SKY LINES | Briget Heidmous

April 5-7, 2019

Colorado | North Carolina | Hawaii | New York | Georgia | Rhode Island | Pennsylvania | New Jersey | Virginia Oregon | Oklahoma | Washington, D.C | Missouri | Australia

SKY LINES, a participatory, online exhibition of Briget Heidmous’s minimalist photographs and drawings of urban industrial infrastructures from around the world.

SKY LINES is a different kind of exhibition requiring active participation. Over the past two weeks, GEORGIA mailed out 100 Heidmous images to participants. Participants photographed these images in their own chosen environments and sent those photos to GEORGIA. These images are the SKY LINES exhibition.

These photos were taken in 75 locations in Colorado, North Carolina, Hawaii, New York, Georgia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Oregon, Oklahoma, Washington, D.C., Missouri, and Australia.

SKY LINES highlights the participation implicit in attending an art exhibit. It seeks to capture a sliver of the translation that occurs when you view an artwork in a museum or gallery. By asking participants to photograph Heidmous’s work in their own settings, the images are recontextualized and gain an aspect of their experience. Or that is one idea.

Many heartfelt thank yous to our participants!

Briget Heidmous is an artist, creative entrepreneur, and curator from Colorado based in Washington, D.C.